You Can Have Your Cake And Motivation Monday, Too

People hate Mondays. People are so weekend obsessed and getting back to “normal” is such a drag that it’s become the biggest and funniest cliche of all time. It’s so random. Like Tuesday or any other day is automatically not going to be a colossal pain in the ass, because Monday is still the Master of that domain.

I’m not living like that. I’m having my cake and a motivated Monday, too, and so can you!

I love when people start a sentence with, “Like I always say…”

So, like I always say, everything that has a front has a back. If you’re living for the weekend, then you’re also living with the dread that Monday’s coming. Stop it. Stop it now. It’s deficit thinking.

With a growth mindset in place, I see exactly where I’m developing as a freelancer, sitting on the patio with iced coffee, my MacBook Air, wearing shorts and flip-flops. My Hawaiian friends can them rubbah slippah. It’s all about the rubbah slippah, brah. The sun shines on Monday. It shines on Tuesday, and barring South Florida rain, it shines every other day.

One slice of cake I enjoy is that I’m growing personally and my business is growing. Sure, it takes time. I can’t say, “I’ve arrived!” I’m getting there. Satisfied? Too busy with the hustle.

And the challenges in my life are still there. Some of them are very difficult.

For one, I’m far away from the people I love the most. For another, sometimes this freelance journey feels more like a trip down a flight of stairs covered in broken glass than a trip in the sense of, well, you know―a journey.

Feelings aren’t facts. I’m pretty stoked about that, actually.

Sometimes it is difficult (if I didn’t already make that abundantly clear), but it’s my journey in rubbah slippah, and that’s the most important thing. It’s the art of living to make your own way, to create something for your life out of nothing.

My second piece of cake I enjoy (because who doesn’t like seconds?) is cultivating an appreciative mindset where I focus on my strengths. That’s how deficits diminish.

One of the ways I’ve learned to abandon deficit thinking is by diversifying―my portfolio, interests, and abilities―and more importantly, diversifying human contact. Getting to know the personalities and values of the people I want to work with, and holistically addressing needs―now that’s quite the launching pad for a motivated Monday! And Tuesday, and the other days of the week.

Live for the motivation. Live for stimulation and inspiration. Live enthusiastically. Live in rubbah-slippah if you have to.

Nothing is more motivating than hitting the ground running and looking down and actually seeing that you landed on something solid!

This is How You Can Have Your Cake and Motivation, Too

  • Set your mind on emphasizing your strengths and let your deficits diminish
  • Cultivate a growth mindset
  • Focus on addressing needs
  • Focus on Personal Growth
  • Focus on Business Growth
  • Interact with other writers and freelancers
  • Diversify, in  your own way for you, on your terms
  • Get energized―if you’re not much into coffee and rubbah slippah, give Yerba Matte or BrainJuice a shot.

Have your cake and motivation, too! Aloha nui loa, people.

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