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Vivid values giving.

We know that the more we give the more we have to give. This comes from a set of values we cherish, values that benefit you with the excellence we provide.

We value serving our clients.

We live our writing values every day.

Our Vivid Values:
◦ Philosophy: We learn something new every day.  Our goal is to infuse 1% daily improvement in life. This is about our commitment to expanding our competencies to serve you better―to give you more of what you can’t expect or possibly receive elsewhere.

We dive into the writing process with purpose and passion.

◦ Inspiration: Writing is like surfing. The ability to balance and maneuver on rapidly-moving water is pretty amazing. The market is rapidly changing like the tides. We make sure you surf where the good waves are. Positioning is inspiring.

◦ Standards: We take personal pride for the work completed. We’re happy. Hau’oli happy. We don’t stop until you’re surfer happy like we are.

◦ Goals: We always complete projects on time and accurately. Always. Time is no joke and we won’t play with yours. Being an awesome writer is great. Being an even better human being is greater. We need humans to be more human.

Our Vivid Mission: To create well-written, well-thought-out, and highly engaging content, B2B marketing materials, and impactful Social Media Coordination to you.

◦ To understand the format, purpose, tone and voice for everything we produce for you.

◦  To know the right information required to make the content successful.

◦  To polish every product we provide with accurate research, proper grammar, and appropriate style.

◦  To always be VIVID so that you will be vivid

For Vivid, community and connection inspire, encourage change, and breathe life into everything we do. You’re not just another client. You’re part of our communtiy.

That’s why Vivid Writing Services is here.